Conference Objectives

Computational models and methods in tunneling and subsurface engineering have been evolving from the research state to well accepted tools in underground engineering. Together with advanced exploration and monitoring techniques nowadays they play an important role in the design, construction and maintenance of complex underground structures. However, important new issues are to be addressed because of the continuously increasing complexity of the analyzed underground structures and the substantial research efforts for further advancing computational models and methods.

EURO:TUN 2017 is the fourth conference of a series of successful ECCOMAS Thematic Conferences on Computational Methods in Tunneling, started in 2007 in Vienna and continued in 2009 and 2013 in Bochum. Like the previous conferences, EURO:TUN 2017 will provide an excellent overview of the current state of research and future perspectives of numerical modeling and computational technologies in underground construction. By discussing recent developments, applications and by identifying future research needs and challenges, the further development of computational prognosis models and methods in tunneling and subsurface engineering will be promoted.